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Mechanical Rides

Our Tumblin Mechanical Ride provides all of the excitement as a Fair Ride.  Two riders are strapped into a five point racing harness for the spinning ride of their life.  Each rider can watch their friend's expression as the flip over and over.  All Mechanical Rides come with Security Fencing and Trained attendant for your safety. We also have a Barrel Train which will provide you children with hours of enjoyment.  Pull it behind your lawn tractor, our train will accomodate five riders.  Each barrel comes with a horn, steering wheel, and seatbelts for safety.  All Aboard! 
Our Barrel Train is loads of Fun.  We have five barrels which can be pulled behind your lawn tractor.  One rider to each barrel for hours of entertainment.  Each barrel comes with a steering wheel, horn, and seatbelts for safety.  All Aboard!
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